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ZXJOY visited Malawi again, Ongoing project received great support from the Malawi Government officials


  In order to be well prepared for the planned Mineral selection process in 2023, ever since November, 2022, ZXJOY vice president, Mr. Cao, has been in Malawi representing ZXJJOY and strengthening the tie between Malawi government officials and the ongoing Mining project. 

  Malawi Ministry of Mining has provided up most support and attention to our MAKANJILA mineral sand project. MAKANJILA project has been listed as the one of the top 11 highest priority project. Through the unremitting effort, Malawi Ministry of Mining organized a meeting with Ministry of Energy, transportations, public mechanical, lake surface transportation and other private contractors, in order to resolve the infrastructure challenges faced by the project. 

    the Ministry of Energy and the Ministry of Transport of Malawi met separately with Vice president Mr. Cao and our local partners. The Malawi National Investment and Trade Promotion Center warmly introduced the relevant procedures for foreign investors. 
    The State Tax Administration of Malawi actively helps our company to understand and grasp the relevant tax policies and the condition for preferential policies. The Middle East African Railway Company and the Malawi Lake Transport Company maintained frequent contact with each other regarding the future transportation cooperation.
    The Embassy of China in Malawi has put great faith into our project. MAKANJILA project has reached its best starting time frame, with a very hopeful progression process.