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ZXJOY CEO Met with Niger Ambassador

    On May 10th, 2024, ZXJOY CEO Mr. Gaoming Yan met with Niger Ambassador Mr. Garba Seyni and had a friendly exchange on future opportunities for investors between China and Niger. 

    Both sides agreed that with the soaring market price of Uranium, right now is a rare opportunity for Uranium Projects. Together, we should push for the restart of our Uranium project in Niger. Ambassador Mr. Garba Seyni stated that Niger government pays great attention towards the development of mineral resources and wishes all parties involved should abide by the contracts and fulfill their obligations. Currently Niger Mineral Minister is in Agadez inspecting major Mine areas. 

Ling Yang (left), Garba Seyni (mid), Gaoming Yan (right) 


  Niger Embassy second secretary Mamadou Grema, Ali Albade, Yingke Law Firm Global Partners, Global Chief Executive Officer, Mrs. Ling Yang, China International Chamber of Commerce for the Private Sector Deputy Secretary General Yun Wang, ZXJOY Vice President Yong Huang and so on attended the meeting.